John, Mary-Lee Dalice and Blaze’s love for food and entertaining is from generations of family traditions. Their ability to create authentic Italian feasts out of what seemed to be nothing manifested itself into a thriving business with international distribution for ten years.  Their line of all natural specialty foods was called Sumptuous Selection. The product line which included infused oils and vinegar, sauces, preserves and dry herbal blends were sold internationally to gourmet shops and department stores. Simultaneously, John started to perfect a generational hobby of wine making, crafting what he had been taught from his father-in-law, Raphael Blaze Faillace. John has won numerous awards for his wines including international titles.  Dalice Elizabeth, President and co-founder of Sumptuous Selections died in 2000. In her memory the family renamed the business Dalice Elizabeth.


     We have been blessed with a wonderful new addition to our family, Derekah, Blaze's girlfriend of three years. Dee (unbelievable but true, the same nickname Dalice has) is a beautiful and talented person filled with love and talent. We feel fortunate to have her become the fourth member of our family business. Dee is in charge of special events and social media.

History of the Wine